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Human beings interest me so, when I entered university at mid-life, I studied social work.  After working in that field for two decades, I added depth psychology to my education and practice.  I graduated from the University of Calgary with my bachelors and masters degrees in social work, and from the C. G. Jung Foundation in Toronto with my certification in analytical psychology.


My masters thesis broke ground with its interview-style research into the second-generation effects of incest.  It has been published as an article in the “Journal of Childhood Sexual Abuse,” referenced in subsequent dissertations, and presented to audiences working in the psychiatry profession.  For my Jungian thesis, I wrote “Earthrise: Symbol, Culture and the Individual.”  Humans create civilization and are also shaped by it.  My thesis explored the interplay between society and its people, with an emphasis on the personal symbol as a motivator for making an individual contribution to society.


I am a clinical social worker and a Jungian analyst.  The two disciplines complement each other, enabling me to work with dreams and other messages from the unconscious while also grounding this material in the context of everyday life.


Professional Memberships:

International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP)

Western Canadian Association of Jungian Analysts (WCAJA)

Alberta College of Social Workers, Clinical Registry (ACSW)


To read a book review I wrote recently, on a book I recommend, go to http://theunseenpartner.com/about-the-book . (My review is about mid-page.)