Therapy, How I Work

Therapy, How I Work

Within each of us lies the urge to become more fully ourselves.  Jungian analysis, a form of depth psychology, can accelerate the process by which you become more of who you are by nature.


I am a Jungian analyst.  My clientele are adult individuals who are interested in the deep changes brought about by long-term, in-depth therapy.  Weekly sessions allow the work to take its own course and gain momentum as your psyche is ready.


In Jungian analysis, factors beyond your personal history are considered, including your disposition, your daily environment, and cultural and archetypal influences.  The work involves not only looking back but also moving forward.  I pay attention to the relationship between your conscious life in the outer world and the puzzling unconscious life that shows up through dreams, slips of tongue, accidents, mistakes and patterns you can’t seem to change.  If you remember your dreams, we’ll work with those.  My therapy-space offers the opportunity for working with a sand tray as a way to access internal dynamics that lie outside your awareness. Whether you remember your dreams or not, do a sand tray or not, the events and details of your life provide plenty of material for our work together.


While I am the expert in theory and interventions, you are the expert on yourself and your life.  Together, we become a team searching out your inner guidance.

Check your benefit package for coverage of my fee.  A number of insurance companies cover my services, since I am a registered social worker (RSW) with a masters degree in social work (MSW).